You are looking for a way to cut the cost of transport and storage of your wooden boxes and crates?

Aalbers Wilk Emballage is your European partner for reusable fasteners. We sell reusable fasteners of the American companies Hardy-Built® en Klimp® Industries. These fasteners allow you to transport and store your wooden boxes and crates as flat units and assemble your wooden boxes and crates at any location.

Reusable fasteners offer you:

  • lower transport and storage costs
  • easy assembly at any location
  • possibility to reuse your boxes and crates

For more information about the Hardy-Built® or Klimp® Industries system, please check the information below.

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Hardy-Built® HBS-100-Corner-Assembly

Hardy-Built® fastener system

The Hardy-Built® fastener system is a reusable fastener system to use on all wooden packaging. This system allows you to cut the cost of transport and storage of your wooden...
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Klimp® fastener, placed on a box

Klimp® fasteners

Aalbers Wilk Emballage produces boxes and cradles which are assembled with Klimp® fasteners. Klimp® fasteners are reusable fasteners that allow you to assemble 6 wooden panels into a box or...
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